Dr. Schindler is currently focused on providing strategic advisory services, integrating legal, business, and sustainability factors. His goal is to provide clients expertise in the best practices and strategies of sustainable investments and projects in the areas of energy, water, agriculture, and technology.

Transformation, led by Dr. Schindler, provides clients access to a number of expert professionals in the areas of energy, water, agriculture, and technology. Transformation covers its operating costs by providing strategic advisory services and adds value to shareholder wealth by fund management and project management services, which can produce exponential returns on the development capital invested.

From Then to Now…

In 2000, Walter Schindler stepped away from a successful law firm partnership to dive into the world of sustainable investing in a journey he calls “mapping the puzzle of disruptive transformation.” At each stage of his journey, he has been a step ahead of his time, advising some of the first renewable energy movers and shakers as a corporate lawyer starting from 1980.

Legal advisor to the first renewable power project developer
Lead Strategic & Legal Advisor on IPO of UltraSystems Inc.
First utility scale renewable power plants in the USA
His public client UltraSystems is #1 performing stock on NASDAQ or NYSE
Advised first co-­generation projects in industry for generation of power from industrial waste steam
Strategy on pricing the IPO of Callaway Golf (1992); advised the founder of New Horizons, now the largest computer training company in the world
Advised Security Pacific National Bank re: LBO of Jorgensen Steel
1992 – 1994
Structured the spin off of PIMCO from Pacific Life and created the platform for a $10 Billion Exit
1995 – 1998
Co-­Founder and Manager of private hedge fund with 56% IRR in public securities investments
founding of SAIL Capital Partners, a pioneering cleantech-focused venture capital firm
Invested in the first environmental fuel additives company to reduce pollution
Invested in the first movers in energy storage & efficiency, more efficient HVAC motors, global safe water purification systems
Co-Invested in WaterHealth International Inc. with Dow Chemical - now a world leader in providing pure drinking water systems to rural villages through sustainable capitalism
Early backer of women-­led businesses with
Early backer in the next generation of drones
early advocate of sustainable “green bonds”
Invited to St James Palace by the British Royal Family for recognition of his pioneering work in sustainability
Launch of new strategic advisor firm, Transformation LLC, and a new sustainable agriculture investment syndicate Transformation World Agriculture