Investing In Renewable Energy

Global demand for the transition to sustainable energy is growing, but mapping out how to do this effectively while also promoting global economic growth continues to be a challenge. Measuring the way companies should be investing in renewable energy, both in their own operations, as well as in strategic sustainability initiatives, is becoming the new bottom line.

Walter Schindler has been a pioneer in the renewable energy space since the beginning of his career in 1980 as a corporate lawyer. He advised his first client, Ultrasystems Inc. on its IPO (1981), its growth strategy (1980-88) and exit (1988).

Ultrasystems, by acting as the first renewable power project developer in the USA to go public and by achieving a profitable exit, acted as an example to others. In addition, it participated in the growth strategy for developing, designing, engineering, constructing and operating many of the first utility scale renewable power projects in the US in the 1980’s.

Dr. Schindler continued to work with his law clients in this space, and eventually made the leap to creating his own venture firm, SAIL Capital Partners, in order to continue to invest in renewable energy projects. SAIL was a lead or co-lead investor in many pathbreaking renewable energy and water projects.

Today, Dr. Schindler is working on projects across the entire spectrum of energy, from solar power to microgrid optimization. After 14 years of investing in sustainable projects, he learned that there is opportunity for every source of energy to become more efficient by applying disruptive technology and innovation.

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The new energy sustainability exists at the convergence of energy and technology, maximizing efficiency and impact to transform the world. – Walter Schindler