Developing an impactful sustainability initiative for any company is a challenging undertaking. It’s important that companies, projects, or individuals looking to carry out business in a manner that is sustainable and efficient, both for the company and the environment requires the experience and expertise of a professional who has done this before.

There are three main reasons why it’s so important for corporations today to bring on a sustainability advisor:


Internally, they want to have a sustainable impact and need the voice of experience of not only what to do and what not to do, but also connect with the right key players, and develop and execute a strategic plan for their sustainability initiatives.


Every company has shareholders to whom they are accountable, and when and it comes to creating a sustainability strategy, it helps for management to say we did this on the account of our sustainability advisor to show that they’ve sought the advice and counsel of professionals who are sustainability experts.


They want to invest in alternative energy, green bonds, renewable energy stocks, or sustainable companies, but are not sure how. There are a lot of “green” investment products out there that may not have the impact that they claim to. Having an advisor in sustainability investing will allow you to clear the air about what’s truly impactful, and what’s not.

Walter Schindler has served as a sustainability advisor to some of the world’s leading energy infrastructure projects, new and efficiency-driven technologies, and corporate initiatives; his robust expertise allows him to provide viewpoints based on real experience, and bring together the best people to execute a successful sustainability strategy.

If you’d like to get in touch with Walter Schindler about his Corporate Sustainability Advisor services, contact his firm, Transformation, here.


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