Investing In Sustainable Resources: Water

It’s impossible to discuss sustainability without understanding the most important resource to human life: water. In light of the current economic and population growth trajectory, it’s imperative to focus on water infrastructure investments that will provide access to safe clean water for everyone globally, promote efficient water use, and optimize water purification processes for industry and people.

Water infrastructure is a key area of sustainable impact investing. Under his leadership at SAIL Capital Partners LLC, Walter Schindler understood the importance of water for everyone and the opportunity of sustainable capitalism. So in 2006, with only $4 million from SAIL and $7 million from Dow Chemical Venture Capital, WaterHealth International Inc. launched what is now the world’s  leading provider of pure drinking water systems to rural villages.

WaterHealth serves over 7 million people per day in Africa and India with their solar powered water systems.

Water infrastructure projects continue to be a large part of Walter Schindler and his firm’s focus, including desalination, irrigation systems, water purification, waste water purification, and hydropower infrastructure.

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Thousands have lived without love not one without water. – W.H. Auden